Audit services

HLB PROXY provides auditing services under a separate company PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o. focusing exclusively on audits in line with International Standards on Auditing.

Our audit services primarily include the following:

  • mandatory (statutory) and voluntary audit of financial statements,
  • audits of consolidated financial statements,
  • audits of extraordinary and interim financial statements,
  • special-purpose audit reports (audits of opening balance sheets in business combinations, audits of selected information for banks and regulatory bodies as well as for tenders),
  • audits of consolidated reporting packages based on Austrian or German accounting standards, IFRS or US GAAP,
  • audits of efficiency and effectiveness of internal control systems,
  • audits of compliance with subsidy drawing terms,
  • performance of other procedures agreed upon by the client.

Furthermore, we offer related services:

  • due diligence,
  • tailor-made training,
  • accounting consultancy in the field of Czech accounting and IFRS, consultancy regarding business combinations,
  • advisory in the area of internal control systems, assistance during control documentation in line with Sarbanes-Oxley Act,
  • assistance during preparation for an audit in order to eliminate additional costs charged by auditors.

HLB PROXY acts in full compliance with auditing procedures, handles information obtained as confidential, acts in line with the duty not to disclose, and fully accepts independence with all clients, acting in line with the Code of ethics.

With HLB PROXY, clients will get, among other things:

  • top-rate quality for reasonable prices,
  • a large number of certified auditors with part of our team qualified by the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic,
  • managing experts with long term experience in international auditing companies,
  • our clients will profit from a personal approach and direct contact with responsible HLB PROXY statutory auditors,
  • pro-active care of client’s issues throughout the year.
Ing. Jaroslav Havelka

A statutory representative and partner at PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o., he has actively carried out audits since 2001 and was registered on the list of auditors in 2006. In practice he focuses on performing auditing services, audit methodology, and keeping electronic auditor’s files. He is also a lecturer of preparatory courses held by the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic, and is a member of the committee for administration of the profession of the Chamber of Auditors. He speaks English.

Ing. Silvie Kopřivová

Graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in finance and accounting. She has been doing audits of individual or consolidated financial statements for manufacturing and trading companies prepared in line with Czech accounting standards and IFRS, for over 10 years. To further her education, she has received an IFRS Specialist certificate.She speaks German and English. 

Ing. Tomáš Ryba

A holder of procuration at PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o., he graduated in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Economics in Prague, becoming a statutory auditor in 2009. He is primarily active in auditing individual and consolidated financial statements executed according to Czech accounting standards or IFRS. He specialises in manufacturing companies and service provision companies. He speaks German.

Ing. Hana Drábová
Ing. Barbora Seidlová
Ing. Adéla Schrecková
Ing. Radka Velická
Ing. Martina Vobrubová Mikšátková

A holder of procuration at PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o. working at the office in České Budějovice, she graduated in Finance at the University of Economics in Prague. Acquiring ACCA certification in 2002 and subsequently also IFRS specialist certification, she is a statutory auditor of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic. She speaks English.

Ing. Martina Vokáčová



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