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HLB PROXY is one of the leading providers of consultancy services in the Czech Republic. PROXY, a.s. was established as early as 1991. It specialises in tax advisory, financial accounting, payroll accounting services and other specialised consultancy, while also preparing financial statements. In 1994, the company expanded its services and opened a branch in the town of České Budějovice.


Since 1997, audit services have been provided under company PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o. which deals exclusively with audit-related activities.

In order to provide a professional consultancy back-up to international clients, PROXY became a member of HLB, an international association of consultancy companies seated in London. In cooperation with over 500 HLB offices in over 100 countries in the world, we can offer comprehensive consultancy in the field of international tax legislation and audits to our clients.

Our expertise, reliability, speed, flexibility and customer-oriented approach are the cornerstones of our success.

International networking

Formed in 1969, HLB International is a worldwide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisors. The network is active in over 100 countries and comprises a total of 1,900 partners and over 14,000 staff members in over 500 offices. Member firms provide clients with services relating to auditing, taxation, accounting and financial management.

Over its 40-year history, HLB International’s member firms have developed a comprehensive range of services and expertise, servicing multi-national clients across all industry sectors. HLB members have built a strong reputation in their local markets, combining local expertise with a powerful international capability. It means that multinational clients receive a timely and closely coordinated quality service at the HLB member level, regardless of the client or location.

Since their establishment, PROXY companies have been providing services primarily to foreign clients, subsidiaries of international concerns in the Czech Republic and branches and foreign employees sent to work in the Czech Republic. Recent years have seen an emergence of a number of Czech companies and organizations which want to expand abroad. That is why our company needs such an international background, that enables it to advise on international taxation and tax planning projects, accounting and audits carried out for the benefit of international concerns, sharing of information and provision of services to common clients. This is why PROXY became a member of HLB International in 2005.

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Mgr. Ing. Josef Faic

Member of the Supervisory Board at PROXY, a.s., tax advisor (2001), lawyer (2001), auditor (2004), European VAT Club member and a Tax Partner at PROXY, a.s. He speaks German and English. 

Ing. Ladislav Dědeček

Chairman of the Board of Directors at PROXY, a.s., tax advisor (1994), auditor (1997) and a Managing Partner at PROXY, a.s. He speaks English, German and Russian.

Ing. Šárka Adámková

A member of the Board of Directors at PROXY, a.s., tax advisor (1993), auditor (1995) and an Audit Partner at PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o. She speaks German..

Ing. Jaroslav Havelka

A statutory representative and partner at PROXY – AUDIT, s.r.o., he has actively carried out audits since 2001 and was registered on the list of auditors in 2006. In practice he focuses on performing auditing services, audit methodology, and keeping electronic auditor’s files. He is also a lecturer of preparatory courses held by the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic, and is a member of the committee for administration of the profession of the Chamber of Auditors. He speaks English.

Ing. Ditta Hlaváčková

Member of the Board of Directors at PROXY, a.s., a European VAT Club member, tax advisor (1999) and a Tax Partner at PROXY, a.s. – České Budějovice office. She speaks English and German.

Ing. Miroslav Mrázek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PROXY, a.s., tax advisor (1993), auditor (1995) and a Tax Partner at PROXY, a.s. – České Budějovice office. He speaks German. 




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Doing Business in the Czech Republic


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